How to Pay Less For Doctor Visits?

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DPC is a different form of payment for services that patients pay to a physician. It is a growing model throughout the US and primary care is among the leading area for this model. DPC eliminates the complicated relationship between the doctor and the patient, thereby eliminating a 3rd party which can, in many instances, decrease the amount which patients pay for their service. A patient who elects membership under the DPC model would pay a monthly fee to Grace Health Clinic and services provided by the doctor would be covered with the plan.

GHC does accept patients with private insurance and Medicare at this time. Patients are encouraged to join membership under GHC’s Direct Primary Care program, in addition to continuing coverage with a traditional insurance carrier. See, “Why consider having both DPC membership and traditional health insurance?” below.

DPC is not a complete substitute for traditional insurance. Ideally, patients who find DPC more beneficial are those who are currently not insured and are looking for a more affordable mean by which to acquire some form of healthcare management. People who can see a doctor on a consistent basis will have a lower risk of health-related issues and progression of treatable conditions to more complex health problems.

People who currently have health insurance but may have a very high deductible but would like to see a doctor on a more regular basis may also find benefit with this model.

GHC provides services to patients with traditional insurance plans but also has membership plans for those individuals who would like to enroll.

Yes, we do accept patients covered with Medicare. 

This depends on how many labs are necessary. For most people, labs will be 100% covered with the membership. If the costs of labs exceed 20% of the patient’s yearly membership cost, the additional cost will be billed to the patient (if uninsured) or their supplemental insurance.

DPC, like all other forms of payment for medical services, has its weaknesses. Most health insurance companies cover major medical issues and catastrophic events that are not covered with DPC membership. With this in mind, it depends on the individual and their financial circumstances. It is advisable that each person who elects to membership should also have some form of health insurance to supplement this plan. For most people, based on their choice of health insurance and GHC membership plan, they will still pay less in yearly costs for health care but receive the benefits of DPC which traditional patients are not afforded.

Having both traditional health insurance and DPC membership is advised with patients of Grace Health Clinic. With both, the patient can lower their annual health care costs by enrolling in membership for routine exams and clinic visits, but also having coverage with traditional insurance for catastrophic events and major medical with a traditional insurance plan which, ideally, would have a low premium/high deductible. Having the supplemental insurance is “just-in-case,” an issue would arise in which the individual would require hospitalization for complicated medical illness or accident requiring hospitalization.

GHC provides non-emergent treatment for conditions including, but not limited to, respiratory tract infections, sinus infections, sore throat, asthma, urinary tract infections, eye infections, skin infections, STD exposure, uncomplicated nausea/vomiting/diarrhea, COPD, acid reflux, anxiety, depression, joint pains, minor injuries, back pain, cold sores, carpal tunnel syndrome, ear discomfort, eczema, influenza, headache, hypothyroidism, insomnia, osteoarthritis, shingles, urinary tract infections and weight management.

GHC also has a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, which can coordinate with a Grace Health physician to assist with management of conditions including, but not limited to, depression, dysthymia, situational depression, generalized anxiety disorder and adjustment disorder.

For patients who would like to have a physician manage more chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension and hypo and hyperthyroidism, GHC can provide those services as well.

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Dr. Jackson greeted me and we had a detailed session about my symptoms, past medical history, and concerns. He was very thorough in his questioning and seemed genuinely concerned. I can say without a doubt that I will definitely seek his services again. I felt comfortable from the minute he said “Hello."

— Kistle Pressley

I had a sore throat and I felt terrible. Didn't want to leave the house! I had never seen a doctor via virtual visit. I was able to make an appointment online and get seen the same day. All while I was home. It was like having a real house call doctor. I highly recommend Dr. Jackson’s practice. You’ll be impressed by how much these guys really care.

— Samatha Farris

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